41 Feet and Rising - More Flooding in the Forecast

41 Feet and Rising - More Flooding in the Forecast

Dear Henry,

The song of the day is "Here Comes the Rain Again" by Annie Lennox.

I wish it would stop.

The Arkansas River is currently at 41 feet - flood stage is 22 feet and it is still rising  - the forecasted crest is about 43 feet.

I couldn't find a record of a flood of this magnitude occurring since the flood records were kept on the Arkansas River.

We are fortunate to be far enough away from the Arkansas River to be affected. However, I have seen some of the damage first hand and it rough.

Fish and I had gone through Fort Smith this last week and had seen, already, so many homes inundated with flood waters and to think that it will be getting worse for these people breaks my heart.

With the severity of the weather that we have been having (Poor Ohio last night) and the amount of damage it is causing,  I think it is really going to take everyone pulling together, from both inside the affected communities and from the surrounding communities. I hope we can do that.

Keep the Arkansas River Valley in your positive thought box!

xoxo a.d.