Off to the Side - Exploring Other Paths

Dear Henry,

Today I am thinking of things philosophical - and ended up editing a picture that reminded me of that philosophical. 

The photo was of a narrow path, next to a bluff, over jagged rocks and clumps of last year's leaves, with a waterfall pouring over the trail.

I remembered that I had seen this side fall during our latest hike and wanting to get a shot of it, but it was rather challenging to do.

It was raining that day and had been raining heavily for weeks (I suspect this waterfall exists only during heavy rains).  The trail had the interesting "floaty" feel of ground that is so saturated that the entire forest floor feels as if it is suspended in a lake and that you are walking on an air mattress. 

The rocks were also pretty mossy and slick (I really had to rely on my trekking poles) and I was convinced there were copperheads under each and every one of them (I am always positive there are venomous snakes under each and every rock and all the piles of leaves in my immediate vicinity).

Despite these fears and challenges, the area was so beautiful, I could have stayed there forever.

It was a metaphor of life - a trail through a world of immeasurable beauty during a rainstorm, with unstable footing, over venomous serpents (real and imagined).

Of course, Fish just thought the area pretty and wished he had brought a hat.

xoxo a.d.