Finding Henry - Discovering My Muse

Have you ever been frustrated because you can't seem to make your passion work out the way you want it to?

Fish and I were exploring the woods near Mount Evans, near a creek called Chicago Creek.  The area was beautiful, and I was taking a lot of pictures.

We got home, and I started editing the images I took, and I hated them all. I mean really hated them, and I was sure that it was really time to give up on this photography thing.  

And then I discovered Henry.

Henry is a lodgepole pine that was near the creek, and I didn't "see" him when I took the picture, and perhaps that is why my photography is really not very good.

But I saw him during the editing process, and suddenly, everything came together. It was clear what technique I should be using. I also realized how I should set things up, what settings I should use, and, most importantly, what I should focus on.

He is now my muse, and I am grateful that I found him.

xoxo a.d. 


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