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What's New with Loch Lomond 2019

Dear Henry,

You know how much I love coffee, right? (and tea and hot chocolate)

Well, big news!  I finally created a line of mugs to go with my love of coffee. They are now available over at the shop.

And, somehow, I seem to have added more stops to my already ridiculously long list of future road trip destinations - The Museum of the International Concatenated Order of the Hoo-Hoo and Boston's Mapparium are places I want to go soon.  (Fish really needs to take some vacation).

The rainy weather this week has kept me inside and so, I was able to get in a lot of research and a lot of reading. 

It became General's week at - including a biopic on Major General Jeanne Holm, the first woman to reach the rank of Major General.  I also discovered the story of Captain Lawrence Dickson, a missing Tuskegee Airman who was finally brought home.

My reading for the week started quite serious, with a biography on Marie Antoinette and then The Islan…

Who is a Hoo Hoo? And Cyanotype 10.21.19

Dear Henry,

Occasionally you stumble across something that instantly grabs your attention.

For example, a secret society called The International Concatenated Order of the Hoo-Hoo, Incorporated grabbed my attention and I just had to ask, Who is a Hoo-Hoo?

The term Hoo-Hoo was created by B. Arthur Johnson, an editor for the Timberman. He used the term to describe a single bit of hair, twisted and oiled to a point on top of the (mostly) bald head of Charles McCarer. 

The term then spread throughout the lumber industry to describe anything weird and unusual.

B. Arthur Johnson, William Eddy Barnes, George Washington Schwartz, A Strauss, George Kimball Smith, and William Starr Mitchell would later use the term to create a "secret" society in 1892. 

The Concatenated Order of the Hoo-Hoo was established in Gurdon Arkansas with the purpose of fostering the health, happiness, and long life of its members. The order has, from the beginning, embraced the unusual, taking names and imag…

Introspective Week with Cyanotype 10.18.19

Dear Henry,

There were a couple of cold days this week and I felt like I spent the entire week huddled inside.   

The leaves are just barely getting color, with the dogwoods currently stealing the spotlight.  I was able to catch the light on a couple of caterpillar eaten leaves, streaked red.  I think it makes a lovely 16 X 20 print. Another newly created print is The Stairs at Devil's Den, and I really like how that one turned out.

During one of my walks, I stumbled upon a patch of crabgrass grown tall and gone to seed.  Fish is going to kill me for bringing crabgrass seeds next to his lawn but I do like the way the stalks and seeds appeared in cyanotype and I think it made a striking 11 X 14.

During my research on early Navy Aviation, I discovered the story of Admiral Marc Mitscher, who not only helped develop the catapult systems used by aircraft carriers, he was also in command of the USS Hornet during Jimmy Doolittle's Raid. I also found Sergeant Joseph Bongiorni from th…