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A Date With Doggo - The Best Places to Walk Your Dog In Tulsa

  Dear Henry, One of the saving graces I discovered in the city, shortly after moving Ziggy, our 70lbs German Shephard mix, from an acre in Northwest Arkansas to a 600 square foot apartment in Tulsa was the abundance of places to walk a dog. These parks have been a lifesaver for Ziggy and me and helped a great deal in keeping the dog active.  While there are a bunch of great parks in the area, I had to narrow the list down.  Here are our five favorites: La Fortuna at 5202 S Hudson Ave is a great city walk.  The path around the park is full 5km/3.2 miles and encloses a golf course. Also onsite are playgrounds, tennis courts, and croquet fields (the first time I've ever seen one of those!).  The park is also well set up for dog walking - there are plenty of trash cans and waste bag stands throughout the park. There are also restroom facilities and water fountains. I've talked about Turkey Mountain before, but the park is worth mentioning again.  Located at 67th and Elwood, the t

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