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What's New - October 24

Dear Henry,
What's new with you?
This week started out a little chilly but then the temperatures climbed to 87 degrees on Thursday.  I was really enjoying the very warm weather but on Friday I was reminded that "WINTER IS COMING" as the temperature dropped to 38 degrees. I used to think the temperature swings were dramatic in Colorado. Fish was able to locate the packing crate with our winter clothes and coats, so we are handling the cold and I've brought my fuschia and dragon fruit plants inside.  I hope I can provide enough light to keep them all going.
The warmer weather made it much easier to explore our new home, I've found a few urban trails to keep the dog happy and also gone on a couple of field trips. Sadly, COVID is still playing a role in travel arrangements.
The post "A Tango Into A Trio" describes Ziggy and my visit to the OK-KS-MO Tri-State Monument.  We often forget that America is a very young country and that many of our 50 states entered t…

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