Finding a Purpose (In Spite Of Pain)

Wondering About Woody's Wanderings: A Visit to the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa Oklahoma

Staying Gold And Scorning Socs - Stopping By Tulsa's Outsiders House Museum

Learning About Laura - A Visit to the Little House on the Prairie Museum

Enjoying a Slice of Life in Savannah!

The Lake Valley Garden: Creating Curb Appeal (It's Still Not Finished)

...And Then The Town Said “Oh 4#!& No!” - Coffeyville Kansas and the Demise of the Dalton Gang

The Veggie Patch

Rembering 9:02 AM, April 19, 1995 - Visiting the Oklahoma City National Memorial

The Things That Grow In Shady Places: Creating a Shaded Bed on the North Side of the House

Banjos in Bricktown: A Visit to the American Banjo Museum

The Lake Valley Garden: Creating an Oasis on the Prairie - The First Six Months