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I am not fond of snakes.
Kind of a bummer as a landscape photographer.  Part of the job description is to enter into places that snakes live, and although the only poisonous snakes in the area let you know where they are by the way of a rattle, any snake will cause me to run away screaming like a little girl.
My preferred method of snake avoidance is making noise on the trail, which seem to limit my contact with them.  This is also part of the reason that I am not a wildlife photographer, I make too much noise. The other snake avoidance trick is to make my husband go first on the trails (he is not afraid of snakes, and doesn't hesitate to move them from the trail if they don't move by themselves, he is such a nice guy)
The snake fear hasn't stopped me though, I still get out there. My Gallery

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Sometimes, morning is amazing.

Good morning Mom - 
I woke up to this
it was so pretty I almost forgot to breathe.
Great day to be alive.
xoxo a.d.