Moonshiners Falls In Winslow Arkansas - A Hike to Remember

Dear Henry,

This waterfall is called Moonshiner's Falls. It is generally the barest spring unless it rains.  It is a short mile hike right before Devil's Den State Park.  You can park in the area right near the sign.

The hike isn't too bad, with my trekking poles, it was easy, however, it is important to remember, you will be walking back uphill. 

I was disappointed when I looked up the name, hoping to get the backstory on house, perhaps some juicy details about the moonshining business that used to thrive in this area.

Nope, there is nothing of the sort.

It may not, in fact, be anything more than a place to stay while hunting. 

From what I can gather, ATV'ers discovered this find only a few years ago and because it was a tiny home tucked in a bluff next to running water, it must be a moonshiner's cave and the name stuck.

I somehow doubt it was used regularly for moonshining, although everyone says it was - the water source only runs during the rainy season, and can't be relied on. 

I truly think it was just a place to getaway.

xoxo a.d.