Henry's Herald - February 6, 2021


Dear Henry,

It seems like it has been a while since we've caught up, but we are finally settled in the Oklahoma House and I'm ready to get back to work.

In addition to getting some new images up at the shop, there are several new biographies at www.everydaypatriot.com - including the biography of Sergeant Henry Adams - he was formerly enslaved, and enlisted in the Army after the Civil War and would ultimately become an early Civil Rights activist.  The latest book reviews at www.riteoffancy.com cover quite a few genres, including a great girl-powered thriller, In The Barren Ground.   There are also several new writings, including a review of the best places to walk your dog in Tulsa.  Keep scrolling to see the full summaries.

Stay safe, stay warm, and stay kind, my friend.

We will talk again soon.

xoxo a.d. elliott

Recently Added To The Shop:

The new studio has a lot of light and has been really easy to work in.  It was a great feeling to get some new art up at the shop. (shop.takethebackroads.com)

Recent Writings:

These parks have been a lifesaver for Ziggy and me and helped a great deal in keeping the dog active.  While there are a bunch of great parks in the area, I had to narrow the list down.

What exactly makes a saint?

And I don't mean the steps that one needs to follow to get to heaven, those are pretty straight forward and well documented.  But how does someone get the coveted "Saint" title?

There was the most amazing story the other day about the rediscovery of a lizard thought to be extinct.

Recent Book Reviews:

Sacrament of the Present Moment - Jean Pierre De Caussade

Can you find grace in your daily life?  (Read More Here)

Facing Unpleasant Facts - George Orwell

Essays about life, boarding schools, and other things unpleasant. (Read More Here)

A Temple of the Holy Ghost - Flannery O'Connor

A 12-year-old's attempts to make sense of life and God's will.  (Read More Here)

In the Barren Ground - Loreth Anne White

How active should pregnant women be?  (Read More Here)

Glory and The Lightning - Taylor Caldwell

A good treatise on republics. (Read More Here)

Paper Wife - Laila Ibrahim

What would you do to ensure your child's future?  (Read More Here)

Recent Military Biographies:

Sergeant Kenneth Thomas Keller

A helicopter crew chief from Cook County Illinois.  (Read More Here)

Master Sergeant Albert Blithe

A Paratrooper with the 101st Airborne who took part in the Battle of Normandy. (Read More Here)

Sergeant First Class Randy Shughart

An Army Ranger immortalized in the movie Black Hawk Down. (Read More Here)

Brigadier General Franklin Augustus Denison

A rare, early US African American commander. (Read More Here)

Sergeant Henry Adams

Formerly enslaved, he became a soldier and an early civil rights activist. (Read More Here)