Henry's Herald - February 13, 2021


Dear Henry,

What a week!  It has sort of reminded me of the movie "The Day Before Tomorrow", which created a catastrophic winter storm because of a break down in the North Atlantic Current.  It has been an incredibly cold week for someone who lives on the 36th parallel and it doesn't look like it is going to get any warmer until Friday the 19th.

While the cold has kept me inside the house, I did get a bit of work done, loading several images at the shop, researched a couple of US service members (including a Coastie who earned a Navy Cross), and reviewed a couple of books that are perfect to read in front of the fire.

I've also shared a couple of tips and tricks for surviving the cold season with Raynaud's Syndrome.

Stay safe, stay warm, and stay kind, my friend.

We will talk again soon.

xoxo a.d. elliott

Recently Added To The Shop:

This week we have all been searching for some warmth, so coffee mugs and bright sunflowers it is!

Recent Writings:

Raynaud's is a condition where vasospasm limits the amount of circulation in fingers and toes (at least mostly, noses, cheeks, and ears can be affected too) during periods of cold or stress. (Read more here)

Recent Book Reviews:

The Tuscan Child - Rhys Bowen

Joann's Tuscan journey to discover her father's and Sofia's hidden secret. (Read more here)

Have You Seen Luis Velez - Catherine Ryan Hyde

What motivates you to help others? (Read more here)

Recent Military Biographies:

Boiler Tech Third Class David Alan Gilliland

A sailor from Warrensburg Missouri who served aboard the USS Iwo Jima.  (Read more here)

Commander Raymond Joseph Evans

A coast guardsman from Washington state who enlisted following high school and went on to earn the Navy Cross. (Read more here)