Henry's Herald - February 20, 2021


Dear Henry,

It has been another interesting week weather-wise.  The cold-weather I told you about last week continued and ended up being so much worse than anyone expected. Because heat (usually) is a greater problem than cold, the area utilities struggled to manage both the increased demand and the freezing of their equipment and supply.  The problem was particularly bad in Texas and Southern Oklahoma.  We were fortunate in the Tulsa area, because, when the utilities began struggling, the Native American tribes in the area shut down the casinos and freed up a lot of resources. As a result, we, personally, never lost our lights, and heat and, in the surrounding area, outages were short-lived.

It was (and still is) cold.  We, briefly, got above freezing yesterday afternoon before dropping back down to the 20s.  The temperatures should start rising though the Tulsa area is expected to get into the 40s today.  The weather forced me to cater to my health. Consequently, I didn't get much work done and I'm feeling a little bit frustrated with myself because of it, although again, I have to admit, we were very fortunate during this crazy weather.

It was a great reminder that, no matter how much we plan, and adjust, and try to control our environment, we will always be at the mercy of something greater than us.

I think humanity needs to be humbled occasionally.

xoxo a.d.