Finding Rayburn Falls - A Bella Vista Adventure

Dear Henry,

It has been rather cold lately and we have been staying close to home.  Cabin fever finally drove us from the house yesterday and as we wandered around our city, we came across a waterfall we didn't know existed.

It appears to be caused by the water coming over the spillway at Lake Rayburn and there is one thing I must say about Bella Vista Arkansas, the spillways on all of the dams are quite beautiful.

We found the spillway on a service road behind the Bella Vista Historical Museum.  I am not sure if it is running year-round or if we got a special treat because of the heavy rains.  The area, I think could be cleaned up and made into a park. I hope one day the city decides to do so.

Sometimes it pays to stay close to home and explore your own neighborhood.

xoxo a.d.