Not Your Average Hole in the Wall - Glory Hole Falls

Dear Henry,

We found the coolest fall. 

Because the Ozarks used to be part of an underwater sea, the rocks in the area are always so interesting.  The different erosion patterns of sand, silt, bedrock, and marine animals cause unusual bluffs, caves, and rock patterns.  

Glory Hole Falls is a great example of this. The water source of this fall flows over the top of and then through a hole in the top of a bluff. 

The fall is at the end of a one-mile hike and you are hiking down to the fall.  The creek runs alongside the trail for about the last quarter mile and has several slides and cascades on it and the valley at the bottom of the trail is breathtaking and would be worth exploring, even without the fall.  It's definitely a good spot for a picnic (which we didn't bring).

Of course, there is a one-mile walk back to the car, which is all uphill, but it wasn't too bad with the trekking poles.

Glory Hole Falls is quite a popular place and on the weekends it is difficult to find a place to park at the trailhead. 

I recommend making this hike on a weekday.

xoxo a.d.