Wisdom From Aeschylus - A Collection of My Favorite Quotes

Dear Henry,

I've compiled a list of my favorite Aeschylus quotes from the books Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers, The Eumenides, and (my favorite) Prometheus Bound.

I personally found Aeschylus much more quotable than Homer's works, The Iliad and The Odyssey, although there was a ton of wisdom within those works as well. 

1. "Justice tilts her scale so that those only learn who suffer" - I really feel, because of "the accident,"
 the truth of this quote. 

2. "In few men is it part of nature to respect a friend's prosperity without begrudging him."  - Right?  Have you ever been jealous of a friend?

3. "Even in the slave's heart, the gift of the Divine lives on." - Because of my work on the Old Lick Cemetery, this one has really begun to hit home.

4. "What can wash off the blood once spilled upon the ground."  - Right?  The marks of violence never leave.

6. "Rocky and rough are the paths for those who see and alike for those whose eyes are lost." -  I really feel this one, too - Life is rough for everyone.

7. "You wish to be called righteous rather than act righteous."  This one made me think about all the reasons I do the "right thing."

8. "There is advantage in the wisdom won from pain." Again, this one, because of "the accident," really hit home with me.

9. "For the very child of vanity is violence."  This one reminded me very much of my parents.

10.  "Do good, receive good, and be honored as the good are honored."  Ultimate life goal!

11.  "Don't labor uselessly at what doesn't help at all." - I think I do this all of the time!

12. "It's an easy thing for one whose foot is on the outside of calamity to give advice and rebuke the sufferer."  - We've all had advice from those that have no idea.  

13. "Craft is far weaker than necessity."  I love this quote.  I've gotten much more knowledge from need than I have from school.

14. "Wise are the worshippers of necessity."  Much like #13!

15. "But time, in its aging course, teaches all things."  by Aeschylus - Time heals all wounds, right?

I hope you gain as much as I have from these tidbits of wisdom.

xoxo a.d. elliott 


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