Toodaloo Tulsa! We're Relocating to Roanoke!

All about our move from Tulsa Oklahoma to Roanoke Virginia - a.d. elliott - Take the Back Roads

 Dear Henry,

I know it's been a while, but some significant changes are going on.

To begin, we are 1,000 miles away from where we were the last time we talked. Tulsa didn't work out for us, and now we are in Roanoke, Virginia.   It's been a journey.

In the fall of 2020, when we relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma, it wasn't our preferred location. However, Fish had aspirations of obtaining a regional or divisional position, and Tulsa seemed like a good step. Unfortunately, it began poorly with our time in the "smelly apartment" and never got any better. Sure I appreciated the art scene and found people I enjoyed, but I never got comfortable there. The biggest challenge was the wind. "The Accident" has left a lot of weird neurological stuff that has made living in a high wind location difficult for me, and I found myself spending more and more time inside to get out of it. 

Fish wasn't very happy in Tulsa either. Both of us are avid hikers, and Fish has a particular love for trout fishing. Unfortunately, hiking trails and trout are two things that the Tulsa area doesn't have much of, and both of us really struggled to find something to do.

Meanwhile, the Tulsa move also didn't seem to help Fish's career at all. In fact, it seems to have hurt it, particularly after it became clear that there was nothing Fish could do that would make his boss happy.

Fortunately, there was an opportunity available in Roanoke, Virginia, and we were able to take it.

The move was quite the adventure.

We were supposed to have a moving company. However, due to mechanical issues and unresponsive corporate customer service, we ended up loading everything into a Uhaul truck at the last minute and driving the distance ourselves. The trip across America was quite the adventure, with a couple of cute VRBOs (including a former church), and our animals were quite the champs throughout the whole ordeal. I'm really proud of them!

After a couple of days of unloading and recuperation, Fish and I have been out on trails. While the jury is still out whether I actually "feel" better here, I am certainly grateful to not have the constant wind, and my soul seems more settled within the trees.

I'm excited about the history here too! I am a big fan of history, especially American history, and to live in one of the first colonies is a great treat. There will be tons of things to explore and see, and I can hardly wait to tell you all I have found.

xoxo a.d. elliott


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