Finding Something Spooky - The Search for the Ozark Spook Light


Dear Henry,

About an hour away there is a strange phenomenon called the Ozark or Hornet Spook Light and I really wanted to check it out, because I am always up for something ghostly.

This mysterious light is supposed to hover about in the forest and fields on Oklahoma East Road 50, just west of the Missouri border.  No one knows what causes it, and the theories of its origins can range anywhere from luminous swamp gas vapor to the soul of a Confederate soldier, who is still looking for his missing head. There are a couple of Native American ghost stories thrown into the mix as well. 

The light itself was first documented around 1888, prior to any traffic or electric lights.  The area was always isolated and, even now, it's a rural area, so I don't suppose the light is being caused by traffic.  Who knows though, I didn't see it. Who really knows what causes these types of things, I don't know that there has ever been a conclusive answer to the will o the wisp phenomenon.

Although I don't have the best of luck capturing extraordinary events such as these (my trip along the Extraterrestrial Highway, for example), it was close, there hasn't been a lot open lately, and I thought, why not?

It was pretty scary.

Oklahoma's E Road 50 is two inches wide (I'm exaggerating), with no shoulder.  Both sides of the road are private property, which is quite clearly marked and I'm quite sure that the property owners in the area are very aware of both their personal property rights and their Second Amendment rights, so we didn't feel comfortable pulling off the side of the road and onto anyone's property.

So yes, Henry, the entire situation was spooky, but not for the reason that it was supposed to be.   We didn't see any lights, but, we certainly weren't going to sit on a dark, narrow road with our headlights off waiting for something to happen.  That whole scenario just screamed "dangerous" to me.  We left.

This is an urban legend that I don't recommend checking out.