Ode to Fish - An Example of Great Husbanding

Dear Henry,

This picture is all of the reasons why Fish is a great guy.

We went in search of Triple Falls, which is about 2 hours away from home. I had wanted to go when it was overcast and had been raining, both for the lighting and because I was hoping for flow.  The falls turned out to be at the end of a narrow, snarly, dirt road that probably been way more fun if it hadn't been wet.

The area around the falls was amazing, even though the falls themselves were a bit lackluster. I could have had some fun, I am sure.


I forgot to make sure I had an SD card (aka "no film") in my camera.  I had also left my phone in the truck.  This is Fish's picture of the Falls.

We didn't stay long near the falls before climbing back in the truck and climbing back up the (now wetter) narrow, snarly dirt road and driving two hours back home.

Fish says he had fun.

xoxo a.d.