Patti's 1880 Settlement - Food, Fun, and Ghostly Fowl

Patti's 1880's Settlement was a cute little place to stop and hang out Henry,

While wandering around the village, we noticed the peacocks, in particular, this guy, who is trying so very hard to impress the lady.  She is having none of it, and would rather eat.

I thought it was a funny courtship story and then......

as I was processing the images, I noticed this blur that only exists in the peacock pictures (the rest of them look fine).

I *think* (hope) that this is some sort of weird refraction caused by the humidity, the cage, and the sun.  Otherwise, I was nose to nose with "something".

xoxo a.d. elliott #TakeTheBackRoads #adelliott

You never know what is going to appear on camera.....