Hanging About Hanging Lake - It's Quite a Climb

Dear Henry,

Today we went for quite the climb, but it was so worth it.

Along I-70, just east of Glenwood Spring Colorado is a lake.  The lake is along a geologic fault that "fell" away from its valley above it and hangs on the side of the mountain.  

Its a pretty steep hike up, with some rather scary stairs at the end. It was a hot and thirsty hike but, wow, the lake is so amazing.

There is a bunch of little native fish in the lake and the water is crystal clear.  It's also a pretty busy place.  We had gone on a weekend and this is (understandably) a popular hike.  I wish I had scheduled my visit better, it was hard to get good shots in.

Still, this is a great day hike, even with the crowds.  The area is just that spectacular.

Parking was pretty easy but the hike is steep and you really need to bring a lot of water.

xoxo a.d.

I love the wind Mom - 

-particularly the snarly kind that rattles windows and causes a ruckus.  But it is 2am now :(  

Looking through my last I70 drive through CO.  Hanging Lake, a good hike to break up the drive (although the entire section of I70 is lovely through there)