Spacing Out on the Road - Driving the Extraterrestrial Highway

Dear Henry,

I finally got to do it!  

I get that it was a total geek thing to do, but I have always wanted to drive the Extra-Terrestrial Highway (otherwise known as Nevada State Route 375).  

We left Mesquite Nevada bright and early and headed out into the desert, making sure to fill up in Crystal Springs (there is no place to get fuel again until Warm Springs).

Because the area is barren, the drive is eerie, plus you are driving near a secret military installation, which adds to the imagination.

Unfortunately, we didn't see anything, although we did look up a lot.  The only aliens were the fake ones in Rachel Nevada, a (very) small town along the route that has a little cafe and not much else. The food is quite tasty though and they sell souvenirs.   I highly recommend stopping for a burger.

The route from Mesquite to Reno though is exhausting to make straight through.  Next time, I will probably stop along the way.

xoxo a.d.