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A Note From the Road: Road Trip Colorado - Eldorado - HWY CO-170 Eldorado Springs CO

All that glitters isn't gold.

So I halted a climb Mom.....

The climbers weren’t super happy but still quite pleasant about the wait. Eldorado State Park, popular climbing spot, no one pays attention to South Boulder Creek.

First Colorado Picture - Post Move !!! (yes I know there are Colorado Pictures but I didn’t actually LIVE HERE then)


POTD - Leftovers

This photo was taken from Rozel Point, Promontory Utah.

There are oil seeps throughout this area, and at one time, an effort was made to extract the crude oil although it was never very profitable and finally abandoned, along with a great deal of stuff.  A bit to the right is Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty, a massive spiral piece of land art created back in 1970.

The pink/reddish hue of the water is due to an algae that thrives where the fresh water springs found in the area meet the salty water of the Great Salt Lake.

This area of Utah is quite surreal, it is lonely, windy and can go from complete silence to utter cacophony quickly - due to the train at Promontory Point and the fly overs from Hill AFB planes on their way to and from the testing grounds. The song I felt best fit the area was "Sleeping Sleepers Sleep" from Portugal, the Man.

This was the last photo I took before I moved from Northern Utah to the Front Range of Colorado, really the last place I visited, …