What's New - October 10


Dear Henry,

What's new with you?

We (finally) made it to Tulsa, after talking about it for weeks and weeks and it has been quite an adjustment, moving from a town of 20,000 to a city of 400,000 and, quite frankly, none of us know what to do with ourselves.

Fortunately, a new city brings new opportunities to explore and I am looking forward to the discoveries.  

I did manage one road trip/pilgrimage during the moving process - I stopped by St. Wenceslaus and the National Shrine of the Infant Jesus in Prague Oklahoma. 

Keeping up on my reading, however, has been rather difficult, although I did find a book that has the oddest plotline.  Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Vanderah brings three unlikely people together to heal and to find miracles.  I understand it was the author's debut novel and, although dark, it ends happily.

I also discovered US Army Specialist Leonard Louis Alvarado, he would earn a Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions during the Vietnam War. 

Coming up this week (I hope) - New pieces for the shop! The botanic garden in Tulsa is currently open and offers a "dog day".  Our poor Ziggy has struggled the hardest with the move and we haven't felt comfortable leaving him alone, so we've had to find dog-friendly venues at this stage in our explorations.  Besides the botanic garden, there are a couple of other adventures that we can take him on as well, stay tuned for our canine explorations.

Until next time, my friend!

xoxo a.d. elliott


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