What's New - September 19


Dear Henry,

What's new with you?

I am still working on the move to Tulsa and that has been an all-encompassing thing.  Consequently, there is still nothing new at the shop.  In fact, this entire year, with the virus and the move has been rather unproductive for me and it is a little disappointing.  I did complete one adventure this week.

For almost a year people in the area have been telling me that I have to read the book by so-and-so's daughter.   I will always ask "What is the name of the book?" and would get the answer "Fly something" or "Something Angel" and so I would ask if they remembered the author's name.  Generally, they didn't. I was always assured that the book was at the library, though. 

Finally, the stars aligned and I caught up with so-and-so and was able to get the full title and author.

This week I was able to complete the review of the book "Fly Like an Angel" for www.riteoffancy.com and a biography of US Marine Corporal Richard L. "Buddy" Fly, a WWII veteran, for www.everydaypatriot.com.  

Until next week!


a.d. elliott


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