What's New - August 29th


Dear Henry,

What's new with you?

I've been painting, to the exclusion of all else, because I have two rooms that are of brilliant purple shades. No, I didn't paint them this color and there is a perfectly good backstory to it.

You see, we bought this house from a family with two girls that loved all things princess themed. This was their room and bathroom. It was very cute when I toured the house, although I knew, even then, that this was a problem that was going to come up "someday."

After we moved in, I figured out how to work the colors into my decor, rather than face trying to repaint such bold colors, but, now that we are going to be selling the house, someday has arrived.

I did some research and grey tinted primer was the recommended first step.   It's turned out to be a long first step.  I've done two coats.

Fish came home from Tulsa last night, looked at my work, and decided we needed another coat of primer.

I'm still painting,  I hope to produce "after" pictures next week.

The good news is, these two rooms were the "worst" ones to face and they are almost done. 

Until next week. 

xoxo a.d. elliott


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