Purple Haze: An Essay on Trying.

Dear Henry,

You may not realize this, but, I don't shoot my macro photos using a macro lens.

I shoot them using a telephoto lens and a set of filters.

This arrangement provides me a great deal of flexibility without a lot of money.

There is a significant drawback to this arrangement, however. The "glass stacking" makes purple fringing incredibly likely, especially when the flowers themselves are purple.

Still, I see the purple flowers and have to try.

We have these tiny little flowers that have sprouted in my flower beds and they attract these really small bees and I was reminded of the quote "This is what the good guys do. They keep trying. They don't give up." by Cormac McCarthy from his book The Road, which is an incredibly dark book about fighting the good fight even when it's pointless.

And as you can see, the photos look like a Jimmy Hendrix song.

I will probably try again, the next time I see one of the little bees on these flowers.

xoxo a.d.