What's New - May 9

Dear Henry,

When I was a teenager and had first read F. Scott Fitzgerald's book The Beautiful and The Damned, I wanted to be just like Miss Gloria.

At least Miss Gloria of the first of the book.

Specifically, I wanted to be in a position to lie around and read and dream and think and have an imaginary servant bring tomato sandwiches.

One should be careful with what one wishes for.

There were a lot of thunderstorms and a very weird cold front this week and I turned a bit creaky.  I told Fish that I wanted a weather kit so that I could record actual numbers to symptoms.

I did manage one field trip, out to the cemetery where PFC Wieczorek rests.  He had died an orphan and it was the people of his hometown, Gentry Arkansas, who buried him.  I was very touched/surprised/moved to discover that his grave was still being maintained, with flowers and flags, almost 20 years later.

While I didn't manage to get any books or other essays up to www.riteoffancy.com (Oh! Does the backlog grow) I did get a couple of biographies done over at www.everydaypatriot.com.

PFC Corey L. Winkle enlisted after graduating from Coronado High School in Lubbock Texas.

He would train to be a driver of the Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

Major Earl K. Stribling, a career military from Monroe Louisiana, deployed to the Gulf with the Quartermasters.

Both men would die during their service overseas.

Next week, the weather looks a bit more promising, and, with the easing of some of the travel restrictions, I look forward to getting out and getting some new images - I can hardly wait until the botanical gardens reopen.

Of course, I may just end up lying about, eating tomato sandwiches.

xoxo a.d.


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