What's New - May 30

Dear Henry,

This has been one of "those" weeks.

I began the week with big plans and ended up getting sucked into the horror that America is right now.

That people die in police custody is absurd.  That people die violently in their own homes is absurd.

That people have turned protests into riots and looting is also absurd.

And now that the riots are erupting around the country, I am angry.

Rioting in Portland, in Denver, and in Atlanta does nothing to solve the situation in Kentucky or Minnesota and creates new problems within those communities.

I am tired of the continued focus on outrage and wonder if there isn't a better way to handle it.

I am reminded by the quote "First, then, be of your own country, your own city, your own home, your own church, your own work-shop; then, if you can, set out from this to go beyond it." found in the book Simple Life by Charles Wagner and I think that it is advice I am going to follow.  

Rather than continuing to direct any energy toward the problems I can not change, I am going to do what I can do make sure that these things don't happen in my own city.

I am going to focus on the section of the world that I can reach, there are plenty of people in my own community who are struggling and plenty of places I can try to increase equality in my own neighborhood and, from now on, any "outrage" I feel toward social situations outside of sphere will be channeled into positive changes in my area.

It seems counterproductive to spend the energy any other way.

xoxo a.d.


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