What's New - May 16

Dear Henry,

What's new?

This week I have redesigned the shop

I love the new look and the new product lines and I will be adding the rest of my inventory this week.

While I didn't get in a lot of reading for the book reviews for www.riteoffancy.com (I only finished Olivia Hawker's One For the Blackbird, One For the Crow) I did put together a reading list.

The Lessons I Wish I Learned in High School contains five books that I wish I had picked up years earlier than I had.

Over at www.everydaypatriot.com, I put together compilation - Stories of the Spanish American War - and really, some of the old-timey service members were quite the characters (cough, Major General Butler).

I also researched the story of US Marines Corps Captain Alfred Hiram Agan,  a pilot who flew during WWII and would die in service during the Korean war.

Next week, the weather looks promising and now that many of the stay-at-home orders are lifting, I am going to try and get out and adventure.

It has been far too long since I have had a road trip.


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