What's New - Apr 4

Dear Henry,

I know I have been chattering about the garden creation to the point that it has become obnoxious, but, I am going to talk about it some more.

This week was the last of the big jobs - hauling in 2 yards of dirt, getting it placed, and leveling it out.  I even got corn and lupine planted, although the rest of the veggies will have to wait.

It was a job and now my arms feel like noodles.

The garden seemed to be the dominating task this week. I didn't get much of anything else accomplished and didn't get any new book reviews loaded to www.riteoffancy.com  nor did I complete any military biographies for www.everydaypatriot.com - I did, however, add to the backlog for both.

I think I will spend the rest of the weekend resting and start fresh on Monday.

Now tell me, what's new with you?

xoxo a.d.


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