What's New - Feb 29

Dear Henry,

It is amazing how much more productive I get when the temperatures rise above freezing.

The newly developed "time blocking" system seems to have helped as well.

This week, I discovered the story of King Neptune - and the man behind his success - Chief Petty Officer Don C. Lingle.  Are there any stories better than pig stories?
How about War Pig stories?

And yes, I was humming the Black Sabbath tune in my head then entire time I wrote the post.

There has been a great deal of yard work going on too. After writing the essay "I Resent", I have decided to add an additional hour of daily "tasks about the house and property" until I cure what ails me.

This week I also finished the biography on Captain Gene Roddenberry.  I love his vision of the future.

The books reviews for the week are "The Second Greatest Story Ever Told", a religion-themed book about the saints of WWII, "North and South", a book often referred to as "the socialist version of Pride and Prejudice", and "Everything That Rises Must Converge" which is a very dark story about the repercussions of bad behavior.

I am looking forward to the beautiful weather (and continued productivity) of the coming week and I hope to see some Spring flowers.

xoxo a.d.


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