What's New - Feb 22

Dear Henry,

Have you ever gone through the week feeling enormously busy and then realize on Friday that you have accomplished nothing at all?

That was last week.

Last night, it became apparent to me that running around without focus doesn't help with productivity, it only makes me feel stressed.

I (once again) read a couple of articles about productivity and decided to pay attention, rather than scoff  "I don't do that.", because clearly, I do.

When I looked back over the course of the week, I realized my two biggest problems are a lack of organization and a lack of an appropriate schedule, with the lack of an appropriate schedule being my biggest issue.

I have read about this technique before and I am beginning to agree that I would benefit significantly from "Time Blocking" or setting up a schedule where I block out time for specific tasks and only those tasks.

My workflow flaws tend to follow specific patterns - I tend to work on multiple projects at the same time and fall into research rabbit holes.  I also tend to go through a period of utter chaos switching from one task to the next and by using time blocking, I will, in theory, eliminate all of these problems.

Of course, a schedule is only as good as one's discipline to adhere to it.

I also must start to organize all of the tools I will need (and make sure I have all the tools I need) before starting a project.  For example, this week, I have a plethora of leaf piles throughout my property, all because I didn't have any way to light them, and now clean up as been extended at least another week or two.

And the phone!  Yes, yes, I need to put my phone down more often.

So, while there isn't anything new, there is still plenty at the shop, everydaypatriot.com, and riteoffancy.com to browse through.

We shall see how the new schedule works next week.

xoxo a.d.


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