What's New - Feb 15

Dear Henry,

Yesterday was St. Valentine's day and I got to spend the evening with my favorite valentine of 24 years - Fish!  We didn't go out though, there were too many crowds.

It has been another week of cold, wet weather and I didn't get out much and didn't get any new images created for the shop.

In spite of the weather, the week wasn't a complete loss, I did think of a new topic to research:  Why the cold affects old injuries so much and steps you can take to minimize the discomfort.

Stay tuned for the details.

I also didn't get too far into US military history this week, but I did discover Colonel Orin D. Haugen, one of the first paratroopers in the US Army. He was also an avid horseman.

While I didn't get much research done, I did redo the www.everydaypatriot.com site to what I think is a much cleaner look, you must tell me what you think.

I was also able to wrap up the reviews of three books, the first, The Storyteller's Secret is an intergenerational tale, set in both the US and in India. The second was Earth, a science fiction saga of a future that is entirely plausible.  Finally, there was Life After Life, which was a doctor's investigation into the near-death experiences. In addition to the stories of "the light", the book also delved into the common "side-effects" of these experiences.

Unfortunately, I read more than three books this week and I am still quite far behind on the review backlog.  There is always next week, right?

xoxo a.d.


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