What's New - Jan 25

Dear Henry,

This past week was cold and frosty and the temperatures stayed below freezing most of the time.

The grey sky, its pronounced lack of sun, and continual drizzle caused me to spend most of the indoors.  I regret not grabbing some bouquets this week, the house could have used the color.

This type of weather is also really uncomfortable for me and it is weeks like this that I feel the repercussions from the accident the most. So, I spent most of the week wrapped in an electric blanket, indulging in a lot of grilled cheese and tomato soup and increasing the backlog (now at 52) of books to be reviewed at www.riteoffancy.com.

But then I suppose, I will always find another book to read, even if I catch up on the backlog, so my reading and reviewing list will always be full, I think.

The weather pattern is supposed to change for the warmer this week and, really, I find it hard to complain. Arkansas winters are pretty mild most of the time. I have decided to plant some of the winter-flowering plants though (even the hellebore) because the brown and grey landscape of winter around my house needs more color and on the few days that Arkansas winters are unbearable it would be nice to see "something".

Flowers and books, the cure for what ails you.

xoxo a.d.


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