What's New - Jan 18

Dear Henry,

This week has been a week of white flowers, all with the barest hint of yellow.

If I were to look deeply into the symbolism of this (and who wants to do that?), I would guess it means I miss the sun and I do.

This part of the winter is my least favorite part.

I did take advantage of the lack of sun this week to photograph Pinon Creek and Tanyard Creek Falls, the two of the more popular falls in the Bella Vista area - I have been revealing the images over the last week and still have more to come.

Stay tuned for prints.

After researching Rear Admiral Bowman McCalla, I stayed with the era and learned about Surgeon Mary Edwards Walker, a Civil War surgeon and a prisoner of war, she is also the only woman to receive the Medal of Honor.  I also read about General Henry Cochrane, a protocol loving marine who managed to find his way into the thick of many fights.

In honor of the weather/lack of sun, my reading choices were a little dark too - beginning with The Hangman's Daughter, a tale set in the dark woods of Bavaria and ending with the childhood tale The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and despite the image set forth by Disney, I didn't feel too sorry for Ichabod.

Should we always root for the underdog?

xoxo a.d.


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