What's New - Nov 23

Dear Henry,

The winter "rainy" season has begun.   This is great, because, it also means the waterfall season will start shortly and in another couple of weeks or so, the waterfalls in the area will be flowing (picture opportunities!).

Of course, winter here also means that everything here has turned shades of brown and grey and there are no flowers. But I suppose asking for both flowing waterfalls and flowers is akin to asking for the cake and eating it too, right?

One of the "city" things that Fish and I did recently was to see The North Forest Lights exhibit at Crystal Bridges and I can't recommend the show enough.  The show was designed by Moment Factory and I am now on on the lookout for more of their work.  I cried during the piece "Memory of Water", it was an incredibly moving piece.

I did manage to get in one cyanotype between the rains, a collection of maple leaves.  Art prints are available and I have used it as the image for my exploration of swiftlets and Bird Nest Soup.

Rainy weather means more time to read too, and I reviewed three books - Goodbye, Mr. Chips (the life and times of an English school teacher), Roman Farm Management (Old Marcus Cato had a farm....), and An Equal Justice (The high costs of a successful legal career).  I recommend them all, with Roman Farm Management being a particular bit of fun for gardeners, as it described the running of a large Roman estate, around 150 B.C. or so.  Gardening hasn't changed much.

I was also able to get in three patriot biographies - Private Joseph Harvey Davenport, one of WWI's Choctaw Code Talkers, Private Benjamin Horace Colbert, who, in addition to serving during the Spanish American War as a Rough Rider, also looks quite a bit like Val Kilmer's rendition of Doc Holiday in the movie Tombstone.  I also researched Captain Elsie Ott, the first woman to earn the Air Medal.

All in all, it's been a productive time, although I can hardly wait to get back outside.

Talk soon!

xoxo a.d.


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