What's New - Nov 1

Dear Henry,

Have you noticed that dogwoods steal the show during the Spring and Fall?

The cold and frigid air this week has done wonders for my productivity.

I was able to put together a cyanotype triptych of the abyssinian flowers that I had created earlier this summer for the St. Bernard of Clairvaux Women's Group Annual Holiday Bizarre.  The group spends all year putting together home decor, jewelry, and other items, and this bizarre, along with a bake sale, and cafe is their biggest fundraiser of the year. The Women's Group does a lot for the Bella Vista community and I am happy to support their cause.

Have you noticed that when you put your efforts into something, other things fall aside?  I was only able to review one book - Bird Box and memorialize one sailor - Lieutenant Harriet Ida Pickens, who with Ensign Frances Wills became the first women naval officers of African descent.

We hope to get out again this weekend, the Ozarks are beautiful right now.

xoxo a.d.


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