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What's New with Autumn Staircase 2019

Dear Henry,

The winter "rainy" season has begun.   This is great, because, it also means the waterfall season will start shortly and in another couple of weeks or so, the waterfalls in the area will be flowing (picture opportunities!).

Of course, winter here also means that everything here has turned shades of brown and grey and there are no flowers. But I suppose asking for both flowing waterfalls and flowers is akin to asking for the cake and eating it too, right?

One of the "city" things that Fish and I did recently was to see The North Forest Lights exhibit at Crystal Bridges and I can't recommend the show enough.  The show was designed by Moment Factory and I am now on on the lookout for more of their work.  I cried during the piece "Memory of Water", it was an incredibly moving piece.

I did manage to get in one cyanotype between the rains, a collection of maple leaves.  Art prints are available and I have used it as the image for my exploration…

Don't Spit In the Soup with Cyanotype 102819

Dear Henry,

How much would you pay for a good bowl of soup?  Does $30 sound excessive?  How about $100?

Depending on the quality of the main ingredient, a good bowl of Bird Nest Soup will put that kind of dent in your budget.

When I first heard of this soup, I pictured a small bunch of twigs and mud floating in broth, and couldn't, for the life of me, imagine its appeal, much less its price tag. 

As it turns out though, the nest of the swiftlet bird doesn't use any type of twig or mud. They are made out of spit. Seriously. And while that doesn't sound all that appetizing either, I do eat honey, with is another salivary product, so I feel I should at least give Bird Nest Soup thoughtful consideration.

The nests are the product of the swiftlet, a cave-dwelling bird species, mostly found in South Asia, and, unlike most birds, can use echolocation, like bats.  The nests are created by the males, on cave walls, over a period of about 35 days. The nests are formed in the shape o…

What's New 11.1.2019 with Dogwood November 2019

Dear Henry,

Have you noticed that dogwoods steal the show during the Spring and Fall?

The cold and frigid air this week has done wonders for my productivity and I have developed a new product line - Journals!

I was also able to put together a cyanotype triptych of the abyssinian flowers that I had created earlier this summer for the St. Bernard of Clairvaux Women's Group Annual Holiday Bizarre.  The group spends all year putting together home decor, jewelry, and other items and this bizarre, along with a bake sale, and cafe is their biggest fundraiser of the year. The Women's Group does a lot for the Bella Vista community and I am happy to support their cause.

Have you noticed that when you put your efforts into something, other things fall aside?  I was only able to review one book - Bird Box and memorialize one sailor - Lieutenant Harriet Ida Pickens, who with Ensign Frances Wills became the first women naval officers of African descent.

We hope to get out again this weeken…