In Search of the Elusive Chinquapin - Trying to Find the Near Extinct Tree

Dear Henry,

I am in search of a tree called the Chinquapin.

The Ozark Chinquapin - Latin name Castanea Ozarkenis, is a hardwood tree similar to the Chesnut and was once, a majestic tree,  growing up to 65 feet tall and was an absurdly productive nut producer.

Unfortunately, the Ozark Chinquapin was susceptible to the Chestnut blight, Cryphonectria Parasitica that been killing the American Chesnut tree since 1904.

When the fungus reached the Ozarks in the 1960s, it only took a decade to wipe out almost the tree population, and now, no one even remembers the tree at all.

There is a foundation, the Ozark Chinquapin Foundation, which has been working tirelessly to bring back the tree, through a seed program.  They have also, along with Hobbs State Park, are encouraging hikers, nature photographers, and others to keep their eyes open for any living trees, especially healthy ones.

I think I will be ordering some seeds and I am excited about my next hiking/photography outing.  I love a good treasure hunt.

Maybe Fish will find one.   He is pretty good at finding things.

xoxo a.d.