You're Going to Regret That...My List of Don'ts

Dear Henry,

The other day I did something absolutely silly - I read the results of the area restaurant inspections in the local paper.

I will never do that again.

So horrified am I that I added it to my "List of Things You Should Never Do".

So far, this list is as follows:

1. Never argue with people who know better (or think they know better) than you, it's stupid.

2. Never drink and drive.

3. Never reveal secrets.

4. Never talk badly about people, including yourself.

5. Never break your promises.

6. Never eat gas station tuna sandwiches.

7. Never cut your own hair

8. Never ask someone when they are due.

9. Never read the results of the local restaurant inspections.

What is your list?

xoxo a.d.