Backing Into Forestry Management - Bastoni's Walk for the Trees

Dear Henry,

I have just heard about the most fun/coolest service project, in a style very similar to Harold Fry's in The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry.

Medi Bastoni, from Dono, Indonesia, is currently walking 500 miles across Indonesia to raise awareness for forest preservation.

And he is walking these 500 miles backward.

Using a rearview mirror, Mr. Bastoni hopes to make it to the State Palace in Jakarta in time for the countries Independence Day celebrations on August 17th.

While at the celebration, Mr. Bastoni hopes to garner the support and attention from Indonesian president, Joko Widodo and also hopes that President Widodo will also supply a symbolic seed to be planted at the base of Mount Wilis, which is currently undergoing a reforestation project to restore the mountain after long term deforestation and fires have decimated the trees there.

Mr. Bastoni chose to walk backward because he is "looking back" at the heroes who have fought for the Indonesian people and to look back upon all of the good works President Widodo has already accomplished during his presidency.

I wish him luck on his endeavor and I too hope President Widodo will provide a seed.

xoxo a.d.