What Does It Mean To Get Old?

Dear Henry,

Is age more than a number? I think so.

I recently read that the United Nations defines "elderly" as any person over the age of 60.

And I think that number is completely arbitrary and total b.s.

For example, in Japan, where people have remarkable longevity, with women living an average of 86 years.  Is it fair to call them "old" at 60?

On the other side of the coin, in countries like Angola,  where conditions are so harsh, that life expectancy is only 39 years.  When (do?) these people become old?

Besides, if you exercise and eat properly, you can, quite possibly, make it to the end of your life as a "young person".  It seems that the key to staying young is good food, exercise, and plenty of mental stimulation.

I think you become "old" when you allow yourself to retire to the rocking chair and I vow never to get one.

xoxo a.d.