Star Light, Star Bright, The Satellites are Drowning Out the Stars Tonight

Dear Henry,

Although I live in a fairly rural area, I still have enough light pollution that I can't see the Milky Way from home and have to drive a fair amount to get somewhere that I can.

And I truly want to get better at night photography.  I love the light painting and Milky Way shots and I was actually considering a road trip to the Oklahoma Panhandle and Black Mesa State Park to give the Milky Way shots another go.

Still, I do see quite a few stars where I live and one of the nicest activities of Summer is to hang about on the porch and watch the fireflies and the stars, because, despite not having the drama of the Milky Way, what I can see is still amazing.

I was reading that there will soon be new "stars" to check out in the sky as Elon Musk's Starlink satellites (the ones being designed for universal wifi access) deploy, so far, people say the first one is very bright.

After reading about these new satellites (as well as all of the others) I began to wonder more about all of the space junk currently orbiting the earth.  I wish there were a way to remove the non-functioning satellites and other garbage.

xoxo a.d.