Stealing Succulents - The Sad Truth Behind Many of the Internet's Prettiest Plants

Dear Henry,

Did you know people steal plants?

I hadn't realized this was a thing but with the rise of Pinterest and Instagram the "Picture Worthy Plant" has become something people are searching low and high for.

Lately, it seems, people have been going onto public lands and loading up tubs upon tubs of succulents.  Several were just apprehended with $600,000 worth of stolen plants.

Succulents are slow-growing and slow to reproduce, any type of "mass" taking of plants will destroy natural habitat quickly.

Plus, on average, half the plants harvested in the wild die.  It is such a waste.

Plus, it's stealing.

I feel like we need to leave nature in nature and that if you want a certain type of plant, you go to the garden center.

xoxo a.d.