Words Outworn - The Effect of Technology Upon Language

Dear Henry,

I was reading (of course) about how the language changes over time and how certain words and phrases become obsolete (and unknown!) due to the effect technology has upon language.

I have occasionally run into this problem in my readings, where I have come across an unknown term, that refers to something that really doesn't exist any longer. For example, does anyone know what a cushion pall is?  I *think* it is the cushioned leg rest on a nicer horse-drawn buggy, but I am not completely certain.

The article I was reading mentioned words and phrases that are still fairly well known now, but, will soon be obsolete.  The author uses the terms "carbon copy" and "dialing the phone" as his examples.  I am adding the terms "hitching up the team" and "the flip side" to the list of soon-to-be-obsolete phrases.

What word or phrase do you think will become obsolete?

What word or phrase have you come across that is obsolete and you aren't sure exactly what it means?

xoxo a.d.