Switching to Switchel - A Sublime and Spicy Summertime Sip

Dear Henry,

This morning I heard about an old-timey summer punch called switchel.*

The description grabbed my attention because it used two ingredients I have in abundance: Ginger and apple cider vinegar.

I ended up purchasing a big bottle of apple cider vinegar because Pinterest told me to (do we all remember the apple cider vinegar craze?) and I was very happy to find another recipe to try it in.

I gave it a go and decided that I quite like the punch.  It is a nice break from the water/flavored water/ice tea/lemonade rut that tends to happen during the Summer.  It also looks like a promising way to get rid of the big bottle of apple cider vinegar in my cupboard.

xoxo a.d.


2 cups cold water
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
2  tbsp honey
1/4 tsp ginger

Stir, serve over ice.