The Amazing Daisy - Fun Flower Facts

Dear Henry,

Here is another of the beautiful daisies that surrounded the hotel.

I kept getting drawn to these flowers more than any others, in the gardens. Which is sad, because I don't think they are native to Hawaii, but arrived via Europe, the way many things seemed to do.

I didn't realize how useful daisies were, not only are they edible, both as a tea and as a salad component, which is thought to be good for your respiratory system and your GI tract,  a daisy can also be used medicinally, as it also has astringent and antibacterial properties. Historically, "daisy juice" would be used to soak bandages pre-use, to fight against infections.

I thought that daisies liked a colder climate, preferring the USDA zone ranges of 4 to 8, but these seemed to thrive there (at zone 9 or 10) - I guess this is an example of why daisies can turn into a weed so quickly, they can grow everywhere.

I am looking at a few varieties for the flower gardens out front at home.

xoxo a.d.