Lei It On Me - The Particulars of the Plumeria

Dear Henry,

This is a picture of a plumeria flower, these shrubs are everywhere on Maui and can be used for leis (mine was actually made out of orchids). I didn't realize how common the shrub was though.  I thought it was unique to the islands.  

Plumerias are everywhere - although they are originally from the Mexico region of  Central America - and its wood is the "Champa" portion of Indian incense.  

I think its flower meaning is so varied,  in Central American culture, the plumeria is a symbol of life and fertility, yet, in Southeast Asia, they are associated more with ghosts and demons.  

In any case, they stiff the bugs.  They smell but don't have any nectar, so bugs provide pollination but get nothing in return. Good thing there are plenty of other flowers in Hawaii.

xoxo a.d. elliott