Weighing In - Thoughts About the Queen and Her Christmas Table

Dear Henry,
The tabloids are aghast. It is a Royal tradition to weigh guests before and after the holiday feast to make sure that they were well fed.

I love food. I love gluttony.  So I love this tradition.  

I read a biography of Queen Elizabeth  - she spends so much time making sure everything is just so.  She would practice speeches, practice wearing the crown (which is terribly heavy), and practice traditions.  She devotes so much time to make sure that the Royal family remains relevant to modern times yet still maintains the mythology of "royalty".  The biography detailed how much one must "give up" to be Queen, and while she has a handsome salary, she has to work very hard for it.  I would loathe the job.

She is a servant of her people and apparently a servant of her dinner guests.  Even if you have to quit eating when she does, Queen Elizabeth still makes sure you are stuffed full.

xoxo a.d. elliott