Toasting A Turkey - Considering Champagne For Thanksgiving

Dear Henry, 

Everything is coming together for tomorrow, we just need to pick up the wine.  Over the course of the years, we have had many wine recommendations. Only one has stuck.

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Zinfandel seem to be everyone's favorite, but, I would like to suggest a Reisling.

Years ago I was looking for a new turkey preparation and decided to trust Martha Stewart  - I mean why not? - She is fabulous.  Martha created a wonderful looking turkey that was basted in Reisling and I decided to give it a go and also bought Reisling for dinner. It was a big hit and, for many years, became a tradition.

This year, we are smoking the turkey and Reisling doesn't sound as good.  I checked with the fine people at Food and Wine and they offered a couple of additional suggestions.

One of which, Viognier, I have never tried before, but the description sounds interesting.

The other is already a favorite.  Champagne.  I am really leaning toward Champagne this year.

xoxo a.d.