A Note From the Road: Autumn Leaves on Tanyard Creek 2018

A long exposure photograph of Autumn leaves on Tanyard Creek.
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Dear Henry,

I was reading in the Washington Post this morning about a dog grooming convention and the booming pet care industry.

I know feel as if I have been a neglectful pet parent.  Although no one expects the cats (Pookie, Slinky, and Gracie) to be fluffed and blown dry,  I don't take the dog Ziggy to get groomed either.  He just gets a bath.

Ziggy doesn't even have a dog sweater.  He did once. He ate it.

I hadn't realized the demand for and the artistry required for some of these dog hair creations.  They are cute but seem to require an extreme amount of patience from both the groomer and the dog.

Ziggy doesn't have much patience either.  

xoxo a.d.


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