A Note From the Road: Philosophical Meanderings - Rainy Day Blues - Bella Vista, Arkansas

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Raindrops on Rose Leaf - a.d. elliott
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Another rainy day, Henry,
Although it should be clearing up soon. I figured I would take this time to focus on some much-needed home repairs.

I soon realized that would be a nope.  The first problem I ran into was an empty tool bag.  I found a few of them in various places around the house, but, I couldn't find everything I needed.

The next problem I discovered is that the breaker box, which appeared to be so neatly labeled, really isn't. It also isn't easy to get to.  Trying to figure out which breaker controls the master bathroom has now become a two-person job. 

Sigh, maybe I will do the windows?

xoxo a.d.


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